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Majorca from Vacay Spas

Who knew a staycation could feel so good? Whether you’re dreaming about the white beaches of Dominica, the sights of India, or adventures in New Zealand, owning your own Vacay Spa will leave you feeling just as refreshed as a carefree getaway. Time to feel like you!

How do you create a family space without technology, where you can talk and have fun together? That’s why you are here right? The Majorca brings families together and allows you to cherish the time you have, invest in the wellbeing of your family, and strengthen the bond between you!


Dimensions:                2160 x 2160 x 920mm

Configuration:            5 Seats, 1 Lounger

Max Current:               32Amp

Heater:                         2KW

Water capacity:           1400 Litres 

Jets:                            45 x Stainless Steel Jets 


Special Features

Blue Tooth

Bluetooth Audio System


LED Lights


Hydrotherapy Jets


Balboa Control System

Includes Cover, Step, and Chemical Pack

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